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June @ 2009 @ protectyourjoy.com

Mercy & Loving Kindness

I am currently reading a book by Dr Wayne Dyer called Wisdom of the Ages. It’s an incredible collection of 60, of what Dr Dyer feels are some of the most impactful quotes, poems or writings of all time, right back to Patanjali, Lao-tzu, St Francis of Assisi to modern day luminaries such as Rudyard Kipling and Mother Theresa.

The piece that I read recently, and I feel compelled to share here, is a brief piece by Shakespeare from the Merchant of Venice;

The quality of mercy is not strained;
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath; it is twice blest, –
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes:
‘Tis mightiest in the mightiest, it becomes
The throned monarch better than his crown:
His scepter shows the force of temporal power,
The attribute to awe and majesty,
Wherin doth sit the dread and fear of kings;
But mercy is above this sceptred sway, –
It is enthroned in the hearts of kings,
It is an attribute to God himself;
And earthly power doeth then show likest God’s
When mercy seasons justice.

Dr Dyer urges us to practice mercy with ourselves first. He urges us to be compassionate and non-judgmental with ourselves when we make mistakes, or fail to live upto a presupposed standard.
‘Forgive yourself for being human’.

He goes on to say that if you are not compassionate with yourself, you will find it difficult to practice compassion with others, just as it is difficult to be generous with money, if you have none.

And he also mentions a quote by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:

“The sinner and the saint are merely exchanging notes, the saint had sinned, the sinner will be sanctified.”

What these say to me is, if you are good to yourself, others begin to stand a chance. We tend to hurt people only when we are hurting ourselves – it starts with us.


Life at 30,000 feet

Richard Branson’s life at 30,000 feet and incredible interview with TED’s Chris Anderson. Especially inspirational for anyone who found school difficult, great perspective.

What You’ve Got

A beautiful and poignant song by Eddi Reader, reminding us to use and be grateful for ‘What You’ve Got”.

All Love,



It’s not what you’re born with
It’s what you choose to bear
It’s not how big your share is
It’s how much you can share
It’s not the fights you dreamed of
It’s those you really fought
It’s not what you’re given
It’s what you do with what you’ve got

You must know someone like him – tall and strong and lean
Body like a greyhound and a mind so dark and keen
His heart just like a laurel grew twisted round itself
Till almost everything he did brought pain to someone else

What’s the use of two good legs if you only run away
What’s the use of the finest voice if you’ve nothing good to say
What good is strength and muscle if you only push and shove
And what’s the use of two good ears if you can’t hear those you love

Between those who use their neighbours and those who use a cane
Between those in constant power and those in constant pain
Between those who run to evil and those who cannot run
Tell me which ones are the cripples and which ones touch the sun

Commencement Address by Paul Hawken

The Unforgettable Commencement Address by Paul Hawken to the Class of 2009, University of Portland, May 3, 2009

In Paul’s own words “direct, naked, taut, honest, passionate, lean, shivering, startling, and graceful.” – enjoy and be inspired. A must see for anyone with kids, thinking about having kids or know of any kids


Don’t eat the marshmallow yet!

This excellent talk is about the concept of delayed gratification and how essential it is to our success and happiness – Don’t eat the marshmallow yet!

Have You Seen the Media Section

I have recently updated the Media Section of the Site with the interviews from 101.5 FM – Well worth listen to get more of a ‘Feel’ for the work we do here.


Whilst on the topic, an initial chat over coffee or the phone will cost you the princely sum of the phone call or the coffee – that’s right, there is no charge for us to chat, to see if what we do can be of help to you – I do accept a cup of coffee though.

Also progress for the new book is strong, with 3 interviews this last 2 weeks, including Deva Premal & Miten last night. I will be sure to include snippets from this page as they are produced.

One Last thing, good friend Dave Stringer has released his long awaited live Album ‘Leela’ – and for now there is a free download of one of the tracks from Omstream. Sensational!
Take Good Care & Speak Soon.


Peace, Love & Prosperity,


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