Closing comments from KD interview

It’s 3 minutes to 11 at night, it still feels like 30 degrees. I am acutely aware that it’s been a while between posts 😉

I have just finished transcribing the interview that I did with Krishna Das (KD), in December, for the book and it’s an absolute treat to go back through some of the incredible wisdom.

I thought I would share the closing comments from the interview, as I think given the last year, it’s all to easy to beat yourself up with how it might not have reached our expectations for how we think it should have looked.

Hope you enjoy!

” Just remember this, there might be times when you feel that it’s not going to be ok. That’s part of the process too. Going under, coming up, going under coming up. Ultimately what we want to develop is the strength to meet every moment as it comes. Even if we have terrible feelings of despair and anxiety and fear, we try to develop this ability to know that this will pass. I’ll get through this. And through practice I think, gradually as those waves come over us they don’t bury us under water for so long. But sometimes it’s inevitable to go under you know. One shouldn’t think that one has failed, if one has gone under – it’s part of the process of life.

Ramana Maharishi also said that everything that happens to us is written when we are born, everything that is going to happen. ‘The only freedom we have is in the moment. How we meet each moment, how we meet each experience.” All the practices we do, bring us more into the moment, give us more of a sense of confidence in ourselves, and in just being.

And from that deeper place, we can meet all the difficult things that come to us in life and all of the wonderful things that come to us in life, without being totally washed away by them or absorbed in them or lost in them. We can enjoy the beautiful things and we can allow the unhappy things to exist and pass away again.”