Running Away – and other strategies…


7 Years ago I was diagnosed with Severe Depression, Panic and Anxiety. Today, through the application of knowledge learned through intense study during those 7 years, I am no longer depressed.

During this time I learned and applied information in the areas of; Nutrition, Movement, Yoga Meditation, Goal Setting, and many other subjects as they relate to Emotional Wellbeing. I utilized some of the latest research through reading, listening and interviewing experts in the field.

On July 4th 2010, I am running my first-ever full marathon over 42.195km at the Gold Coast, to raise awareness for the incredibly powerful benefits of the exercise and nutrition components in dealing with conditions like Depression, Anxiety and Chronic Prolonged Stress.

The aim of the run is to highlight the importance of these strategies in what is a range of conditions that are reaching epidemic proportions. This will also coincide the launch of my new CD, ‘Eat Your Brain – why what you put in your mouth affects how you think and feel’ and my impending book ‘Physio for your Emotions’.

Did you know that exercise has been proven, not only to reduce anxiety, but also to rewire certain pathways in the brain and help prevent it?

Here, I will update progress on training, sponsorship support and insights gained over the course of the remaining 6 weeks.

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