Chronic Anxiety – Kava effective and safe

I recently saw an article on Kava, authored by Dr Jerome Sarris, about Kava ‘being an effective and safe treatment option for people with chronic anxiety and varying levels of depression’

It got me thinking about when I was at one my lowest points with anxiety and depression and how I was frantically searching for non drug based options to keep things together. A Naturopath suggested Kava to me then, about 8 years ago, and it was tremendously effective. Then a few years back there was a quality issue with some of the Kava that was being produced medicinally, and it was withdrawn from the market.

So it is very exciting to see Jerome’s work here and that the MediHerb product has been given the thumbs up. If you know someone who gets anxiety and is looking for reliable options to help keep things functioning, this could be one to consider.

It’s important to mention that the levels of Kava used in these preparations are designed to help manage conditions not for recreational purposes, just in-case you are worried about a heady display of inappropriate behavior at work.

here is a link to the article on the UQ website:

If you have any trouble finding the product I have found a couple of Naturopaths on the Sunshine Coast, who have it, so just shoot me a message and I can give you their details.

Go Well!

Nick 🙂